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Entrepreneurial Struggle #3 - "I know I need to, but I don't know how"
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I didn't know it would be used to build businesses. I didn't think it would be used to shed pounds. I had no clue, it would save marriages or lives. Nor did I expect it to impact my family or me in such a profound way. I never imagined it would lead people to write books. Create products. Or use 200 words per day to unlock their potential. The Game of IODs, mark my words, is the 8th Wonder of the World. And after these videos, you'll experience why I say that. Across all 4-Dimensions of Human Performance - Mind, Body, Business, Relationships - you will be stronger and, in general, harder to kill. You will surprise and inspire yourself, and in do so, being vs. "Becoming...," you will inspire others. 
"I knew Storytelling was the most powerful tool in the world. When I designed The Game of IODs, though, I never imagined it would be the answer to so many people's prayers, including my own..." 
StoryAthletes Don't Hide Behind Excuses, Rationalizations or Justifications. They transform their lives because they decide... then commit to it. 
The Community and Formula to transform yourself across Mind, Body, Business, Relationships. The Game of IODs: Impact of the Day has changed everything
Belief is everything. A weak mind, leads to weak beliefs. Weak beliefs, leads to little to no conviction. And without conviction, well? Results don’t come to those with weak conviction.
Love it or hate it? It doesn’t matter, let’s get after it. A strong mind, paired with a strong body, makes us invincible. Body is about ownership and confidence. Not perfect abs.
This is your financial engine. It supports you. Creates opportunity. Whether it's a profession. Startup. Or established business. It all comes down to skill and relationships.
This is about connection. Deep human connection. It only happens when the mask is dropped. And when people authentically, and unapologetically, own their stories.
"Looking back, "Fat Ryan" had become a shitty father. A selfish husband. And because I was so out-of-shape, for so-long, I didn't realize that being lethargic had became my norm, leaving me operate at just 30 to 50% of my peak capacity." 
-Ryan Fletcher, Founder of ImpactClub®
"How I Lost 30 Pounds, Reconnected
With my Wife & Kids, Recharged My Mind
& Grew My Business by 300+ Customers    
In just 90 Days..."
Back in May of 2018, when I devised and launched The Game of IODs (Impact of the Day - across Mind, Body, Business, Relationships), I never imagined they would impact people, nor myself, in the way they have. I always knew storytelling was the path to a high-income, because of the reader-writer relationship, and how stories build connection and trust. What I didn't realize though, is how writing forces you to become the person you write about. Once you declare you are going to read 50 book pages per day, or get back in shape, or compete in a 20-pull-up challenge, are commit to dating your wife and kids, what choice to do you have but to follow-through? You have no choice. Because if you back-out, you're a lair, a fake, a bullshitter and a fraud. So I did it, and the results came!
The Game of IODs will forever change you, this book documents my transformation across Mind, Body, Business, Relationships! - Proud to be the original guinea pig
You Can't Transform Across ALL 4-Dimensions & Get Our Results, If You Don't Operate by Our Beliefs
Do It Together (Team)
The Spartan Army, of 300 men, defeated the massive Persian Army not because they acted alone as individuals. They defeated them because they operated together, as one. The quest to become your very best self - to grow your business, to strengthen your mind, to reach peak fitness, to strengthen your relationships, does not come without peril. We succeed, because we have each other's back.  
No Excuses (Strength)
I'm too busy. That's too hard. I don't feel good. I'm too tired. It's too cold outside. I'm not a good writer. I deserve a day off. People are going to judge me. I have better things to do. I'll start again tomorrow. Because no one likes the person who makes excuses, the StoryAthlete refuses to make them. If he makes an excuse, he catches himself and owns it. The 2nd time it happens, he realizes he's becoming one of them. 
Commit To The Journey (Progress)
The people who fail in life, business, in fitness, are the people who focus on the outcome. They set big lofty goals, then never achieve them. "I want to be a millionaire." "I want to lose 30 pounds." Then they get discouraged and quit when it doesn't come fast enough. The StoryAthlete says, "The Journey is Long, I want to get 1% better today." Through the Science of 1% daily improvement, and because of how the one-percent compounds, he achieves what others never achieve. 
Don't Be Afraid (Courage)
Going first, is not easy. Being your authentic self, completely removing the mask that most hide behind, is not easy. Declaring your ambition, publicly, is not easy. Writing your thoughts and storytelling, for all to judge, is not easy. Getting started, when you feel you're not any good, is not easy. Telling people that you have a mission and a purpose, when they might scoff or laugh at you, is not easy. This is what defines the StoryAthlete though. He goes first, fear does not stop him.
Story Is Everything (Truth)
Everything you want in life, from growing your business to 6, or 7, or even 8-figure levels, to strengthening your relationships, to reaching peak fitness, to believing it's all possible, comes down to 1) the story you tell yourself, and 2) the story you tell to others. StoryAthletes commit to making themselves into an Elite Storyteller because it's how they get everything they want in life. By telling the right story, to the right person, at the right time. Starting with the story they tell themselves to create their conviction. Without conviction, decisions don't become behaviors. 
Inspire Others (Purpose)
No one is inspired by, or wants to follow, the person who can't craft a message. And who isn't willing to go first. We call that person a dreamer. Not a doer. The doer though, a StoryAthlete, is the person who starts before he feels ready. Often, they're out-of-shape. Often, they're terrible writers. Often, they have poor relationships. Often, they haven't read a full book in years. But then, something inside of them pushes them into the game. They get started. They grow. They improve. They transform. And it's that transformation, before vs. after, that inspires others. 
More than $2 million donated to local charities 
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