StoryAthlete PARTNER (Application)

A CHANCE TO REWRITE THE DNA OF YOUR LIFE: The Kind of Person right for the StoryAthlete Partner Program isn't just concerned with making more money, and financial security. They are committed to greatness and optimization in every aspect of their life. Their health. Their fitness. As a storyteller. Inspiring others. Impacting their community. Philanthropy. Etc., Enabling them to live a life others would say is impossible!


StoryAthlete Partner Program is an Area-Exclusive program. Meaning, only one person in each geographic area will get access to Partner benefits. For example, there can only be one ImpactClub® per licensed territory. There is no additional cost to receive this area-exclusive benefit but it is granted first-applied, first accepted. This is the case, too, for having our in-house marketing team set up and monitor proven FB and Google Adwords campaign (currently getting 15:1 ROI), on your behalf, in your market, to generate frustrated seller leads on the real estate investment side of things. These Area-Exclusive benefits are provided as a bonus to the first person accepted into the Partner Program in each geographic area. Once a territory is taken, no one else can join in that area.


What You Need To Do

Because of the level-of-setup by our Ops team, and the time it takes to install our business model into yours. At any one time, only 10 new spots are offered. Membership to this Community is limited. Not everyone will be accepted. Acceptance requires a 12-month minimum commitment. No exceptions. Also, Partners also get accepted on an Area-Exclusive basis, those who apply first, will be considered first. 

WARNING: Only One Entrepreneur Per Area, Will Be Accepted To Participate In This "Franchise-Like" Opportunity. Please read and consider this immediately, or Risk being permanently excluded in favor of another, competing entrepreneur in your market. Partners will receive a 'Clone' of our complete investment business in their market area. Our Marketing Team will set up and run proven campaigns on your behalf. Additionally, Partners will get Area-Exclusive access to launch an ImpactClub®, plus, full access to all INCOME program benefits. 

Over 2.3M in Documented Proof: In just 15-months, starting back over from scratch to rebuild our Asset Control Specialist business, using a marketing-based model, we have generated over $2.3million in total profits. Our Ops team will clone our entire model for you, and install it, on your behalf, into your business. Plus, A) we'll run proven marketing campaigns for you, B) Aim to fund your deals, C) Help you to build your Execution Team. Then, D) Leverage your success to create new streams to enjoy recurring revenue. All the training. All the software. All the support and infrastructure. Everything you need to albeit guarantee your success, is not just provided, but mostly implemented for you. 

Should you be sufficiently interested, in becoming a StoryAthlete Partner, I will walk through the ENTIRE BUSINESS MODEL that we will GIVE to you, the complete PRODUCT-LINE, plus the SOFTWARE and COMMUNITY that makes getting the Transformative Result, from doing hard shit, automatic and certain: 

1) Become a full-time real estate investor.
2) Build a lucrative online business. 
3) Get in the best physical shape of your life, while inspiring your spouse and kids to make fitness a priority in their life.
4) Impact your community, by leading a local movement that donates hundreds-of-thousands to local charities.
5) Everything above is MADE POSSIBLE by your ability to craft sitcom-based content, as a Storyteller, to own the relationship with your audience, to enjoy financial security (a high 6- or 7-figure income) thanks to just 1,000 true fans.   

Two quick notes: 

1 - Since I hate sales, I won't sell you on this. But I'll happily show you proof of how living the StoryAthlete Way is a superior approach to business, happiness, and profitability. But please, don't ask me to sell you. And please, don't submit for a walkthrough if you haven't read the book: The Code of the Heroic Self: Seven Unconventional Truths To Turn Your Life Into Your Business & Get Paid To Become Your Best Self

2 - In addition to reading the book, you should at least complete episodes 1-10 of the StoryAthlete Podcast 

When spots are available, priority consideration is given to: 

A - INCOME Members (+ Owns the Book)

B - GRIT members (+ Owns the Book)

C - Students of our various 30-Day Classes (+ Owns the Book)

D - Readers of the Book 

E - Listeners of the Podcast

As a StoryAthlete Partner, you will be pushed. You will be challenged. You will be forced to learn new skills. You will probably want to quit (there is no quitting). In the end, you'll be rewarded in ways, right now, you can't foresee or even imagine. If you read the book, then you understand how this is possible. 

I spent a lot of years allowing my Business to become my life, and frankly, it nearly destroyed my family. A much better approach I have found, is to turn my Life into my business. 

The Path is to implement the 7 Unconventional Truths

TRUTH #1 ____________ (since you have the book, revisit each truth on the path)

TRUTH #2 ____________

TRUTH #3 ____________

TRUTH #4 ____________

TRUTH #5 ____________

TRUTH #6 ____________

TRUTH #7 ____________

Done With Those Two?

Here's What To Do Next

MY ASSUMPTION, if you're serious about becoming a StoryAthlete Partner, then I assume you're ready to make an investment in yourself, knowing that investment will return itself many times over. 

I also, assume, you're willing to submit a non-binding, 100% refundable deposit (applied to the Partner program if you decide to move forward) to a secure a walkthrough of the entire business model and product-line that will be provided to you, plugged in, and installed, to create recurring revenue on your behalf. Above all else, I hate wasting my time. As I'm sure you do, too. I'm busy. We have multiple businesses to run. We have Partners to support. So this application, in part, is meant to screen for, and repel those, who aren't at least 95% committed already. Assuming you move forward, as most do, our Ops team will then work closely with you, at every step, to install the templates and frameworks that generate multiple 6-figures for us, each year, directly into your business to eliminate any guesswork. Guaranteed implementation and execution is how we're able to fast-track our Partners success.

Turn Your Life Into Your Business

Get Paid To Become Your Best Self

Your Character Journey Is Your Content Strategy

The 1% Journey

The Challenged-Based Life: Being vs. Becoming!

Do Hard Shit

Stick With It

Get The Transformative Result

• Real estate investing (setup and installed for you, complete Deal Flow, etc.)

• Online Business (complete product-line + recurring revenue)

• Peak Health and Fitness 

• Lead a Philanthropic Movement

• A Powerful Storyteller 

• A Life of Adventure and Excitement

A good Partner can give you all of the tools and resources, systems, and processes, templates and information, and data, you could possibly need to make you successful. But no Partner, no matter how good, can make you look at yourself in the mirror, to honestly evaluate where your Lesser Self is sabotaging you?  


Let's Get Started

Leave The Ordinary World, Enter The Extraordinary World

* Sloper and I are looking for about 100 "good fit" Partners throughout the U.S., and abroad, who align with our core beliefs, values, and convictions. Partner is not a customer or a client. A Partner is a 'Ride or Die' commitment to one another. If we, based on your answers, do not feel you'd be a good fit, or don't believe you could be successful, we will respectfully convey that to you. (We are looking for the true 5%ers.)
STEP #1: If you have not read this book in its entirely, please do so now. Go buy it. Read it. Then come back to this page. If the Truths in this book do not show you how to travel the path you desire. Showing you how to turn your Life into your business. Get paid to become your best self. Then you have no need to complete this application. WITHOUT READING THIS BOOK, NO SUBMITTED APPLICATION WILL BE REVIEWED OR CONSIDERED.
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