The Race for human-attention - to earn the right to tell your stories to create True fans

The Race for clients - to support your family, to protect clients from inferior results

The Race for donors - to combat childhood cancer, sex-trafficking…

The Race for funding - to build and create the next solution

The Race to capture hearts and minds - to inspire and uplift, and to encourage 

The Race to inspire the uninspired - to grow our Army

The Race to become your very best self - to be an example to everyone around you
Forging Elite Storytellers
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Let's start with the problem. To get more clients, customers, users, donors, etc. to use your product or service, you need to build an audience. The problem is to build an audience - you have to create content. Which brings about the issue, what do I say? What do I write about? How do I know if it's any good? Am I just wasting my time? In the end, little compelling content ever gets put out, and the audience that you need - to drive you business, cause or heroic purpose - is never built. So, the business owner or founder, or creator continues to struggle. The Game of I.O.Ds solves this problem. Its like Fitness WODs for Storytellers!

You have an under-utilized Asset. If you listen to The Guru Party, all the so-called experts out there, they'll tell you to run FB ads. Here is a cheat-sheet. Here is a "hack." There is a "new secret" every damn day of the week. And everybody running these ads is focused on chasing new bodies, new leads. Then following-up on those leads. Trying to sell and convert them. And you got  to call them back in 5 minutes. Etc. That is the  typical Sales Culture. Hunt 'em down. Club 'em. Drag 'em back. I invite you to consider a different approach that focuses on the "FB Friends" - Asset - that you already own, and is FREE.  

 STEP 3 - 1,000 TRUE FANS
A proven theory, rooted in common sense. First published in 2008, by Kevin Kelly cofounder of Wired magazine. It was updated and republished in Tim Ferriss's recent book, Tools for Titans. It is every bit as known and dependable, and proven, as Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000 Hour Rule" to achieve mastery. A True Fan is defined as a fan that will buy anything you produce. If you have roughly a thousand True Fans like this (also known as super fans), you can make a good living - even a fortune, or impact the world through a heroic purpose - depending on your business model and infrastructure.

You'll Be Home:
 PRIVATE NETWORK: Association is powerful. If you hangout with "real estate agents," The Unethicals. The Incompetents. The Low-information agent. Then they, like your broker, will continually infect your thinking. You need a new Spartan Army to hangout with to develop new, bigger things. (This ties to the "Open Source" Movement to how Breakthroughs happen)
 DAILY DISCUSSION: We are thinkers. We are strategic. We are methodical. To facilitate growth, we engage in daily discussion around central topics; Content, Distribution, Scale, and Impact. Within each of those quadrants, there are sub-quadrants (Not sales or prospecting) that lead to growth. (This ties to "Armies Must Be Inspired" & MTP: massive transformative purpose)
 ACCESS TO FORMULAS: 1,000 True Fans. This is the only end-game. True Fans = Relationships. Relationships = Distribution Channels. Distribution Channels of a powerful message = Impact, and, as a by-product = Bottom-line (net) revenue growth. Once you understand the Formula to create True Fans. It's simply math: Every 100 new TRUE FANS = An additional 6-figures. (This ties to "The Trend & Future of Marketing - Clean vs. "Unclean") 
 GAME IODs: Impact of the Day - Across Mind, Body, Business, Relationships. This is the critical component of SpiderWeb Philosophy, our proprietary content creation process, to capture hearts and minds. It starts with creating A-Stories, then tying that A to -BCDA - to dive business or cause. (This ties to the "Science" Borrowed From CrossFit® to create Sitcom-based content. Meaning, no more frustration or overwhelm. Just show up!!)
 WEEKLY FEEDBACK SESSIONS (ADVANCED CONCEPTS): It should be obvious. We don't deal in the mundane or ordinary. You're here, and about to join this private network - of your own kind: dreamers, thinkers, visionaries who dare to execute against a Heroic Purpose - because you've been searching for something more than prospecting and sales. (Or the sickening "UN-clean" methods to grow a business, that destroy trust, and poison your soul!)

Write this down: Open Source Movement.  

That is what is what is disrupting industry after industry, not technology. Because technology is just a tool, like a hammer. It can be an effective tool. and it is what everyone says "is causing disruption." But it’s not. It’s the people and the collaborative process behind the technology, who are driving the technologies forward, that are disrupting industry after industry, because of collective brainpower and breakthroughs.  

You see, because of the “Open Source Movement,” once a breakthrough is made by one team or person, that breakthrough is known-to-all. And now, the next team or person, can start on that foundation, that the previous team or person built. This is what programmers do. Wordpress, for example, is all “Open Source.” Same with many other companies and platforms, because people recognize the speed at which a company or platform can grow, when every capable person can contribute to the vision of what’s being built. 

Wordpress, it shouldn’t surprise you, now supports 25% of the world’s websites.  

That is huge.  

The importance of the “Open Source Movement” on innovation, is so critical, companies like GitHub are have built entire platforms to facilitate the exchange of information and breakthroughs between parties. Collaborators. Other capable visionaries. This, of course, as you can imagine, dramatically speeds up the speed of the next breakthrough. And then people say, “technology” is disrupting industries. But it’s not technology, it’s the process by which technology is collaborated on and developed.  
“Open Source Movement.”

The “collaborative movement,” however, is only as good as the people in the community. Start an “Open Source” community of dummies and you only amplify the collective stupidity of the group. For example, participants in a community satiated (only) by instant gratification, can't be expected to breed breakthroughs Or innovation. Instead, just more stupidity. And you’ve seen it and witnessed this. 

So what is needed?Intellectually-fit individuals. 

If an “Open Source” community is to thrive it must have a core group of leaders, moderators, thinkers, people who inspire others, who are superiorly skilled. These skilled individuals naturally lead to more skilled individuals, because of the collective input and higher-level thinking. It happens almost by osmosis. If you were put in a room with Bill Gates, Elon Musk, the late Steve Jobs, Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio, and other great thinkers, whether you intended to get smarter or not, just hearing their conversations, through osmosis you’d become brighter.  

Exposure to breakthrough ideas and higher level thinking is what propels Open Source Movements forward

The opposite of that, though, is what kills them.  

Inside of the Conscious Capitalist Community, we are quite cognizant of this fact, which is why there is such talk of understanding and core beliefs, prior to someone joining us. Because without this education and overview, you and I both know the tragic outcome...


Exactly right

Our community would be inundated with that same special-kind-of-stupid that is found in the FB groups.

Something I can’t and won’t tolerate or let happen. Too many in our Community depend on keeping the level-of-thinking at a high level to propel the “Open Source Movement” forward. 

And what is Belief Anorexia?  

It’s a destructive disease that plagues most entrepreneurs, business owners & service-professionals. It prevents them from seeing the biggest vision possible. They doubt. And criticize. And can’t understand what we, Conscious Capitalists, do and/or build – because they, themselves, can’t wrap their tiny minds around the scale of what we’re doing. 

Companies or individuals who choose to operate alone - have little chance... 

Because 1) they learn to slow. And 2) They get stuck in the "rut" of their own perspective. 
Let's look at an example. (real estate) 
It applies to any industry though. If you type into Google, “Real estate Slogans,” you’ll see entire websites dedicated to slogan-ideas / ways to grow a business that make agents look like a schmuck!!

I am here to tell you, Conscious Capitalist do not think in terms of incremental improvement, they think exponentially. Elon Musk does not say he’s going to build cars that get better fuel mileage. That is un-inspiring. He says, “I’m going to solve the climate crisis,” where a computer on wheels, as a car, is but the first step and just one piece of the puzzle.  

If you're in real estate (keeping with our example). 

I get it. I've heard all the excuses. "I don’t have Elon Musk’s resources." Besides. “What problem can I possibly solve? I hear that too  from non-Conscious Capitalists all the time. 

Well, for starters. 

Stop thinking like a fucking "real estate agent." Or like, whatever your profession is, all the other people in that profession or industry. 

You’re not a service-provider! You were put on this earth to do something bigger than filling out paperwork, blanks on the piece of paper, that was written by the attorneys. Real estate  (or whatever your profession) is just the vehicle. Real estate (or whatever the service) is just the revenue source. It is not your identity, nor does it define you.  

Elon Musk, sure, he makes cars, but he’s not Henry Ford. 

No one sees Musk as just an automaker. 

That is not his identity.

 Musk is more of environmentalist than auto-maker. He is a problem-solver. In addition to cars, he has his hands in solar energy, developing tech that can be put into roofing tiles, so every home’s roof produces clean energy. He’s even drilling holes in the ground, massive tunnels, as a means to solve the traffic crisis, where adding lanes to freeways isn’t possibleLike his company SpaceX, redesigning rockets to one day, hopefully, travel to mars. Musk sees "under our feat," a vast amount of real estate that can be tunneled. 

And if it can be tunneled? - then lanes can be added to deal with traffic and rampant population growth. 

Why has no one else ever thought to solve the traffic crisis by tunneling underground on a larger scale!? Sure there are subways, in high traffic cities. But why not expand them, multiply them? 

Oh, the cost? That is why Musk, just like he’s done in the rocket-sector, is rethinking and redesigning drill bits and drilling machinery to lower that drilling cost.  Keep in mind, Musk does all this without having any prior experience in rockets, solar or underground boring. Instead, he started out in “banking,” as one of the co-founder of PayPal. And before that, he founded Zip2, which provided something to newspapers. 

My point is -  

Your professional title is not your identity, nor are you limited to only thinking about the opportunities within that profession. To do so, is not only stupid and uninspiring but it is surefire way to never escape competition.  

From the book Exponential Organizations “…an expert is ‘somebody who tells you why something cannot be done.” Which is truer than  ever. But history has shown that the best inventions or solutions rarely come from experts,  they almost always come from outsiders. That is, people who aren’t domain experts but who offer a fresh perspective.”    

ImpactClub®, the Conscious Capitalist-based company I am scaling - in the next three years,  will spawn a global community and donate more than $10million to local charities, making it (soon) the largest group of giving individuals on earth. And, the funny thing? 

The concept wasn’t my idea. But I was an outsider, and like Musk, was able to see all the integrated possibilities that others who had started giving circles before me, couldn’t.  

Likewise, those in the Conscious Capitalist Community have been able to transform their entire way of doing business, because, through learning to think different, from insider-thinking to outsider-thinking; from leads and sales to focusing on OPN, Surgical Content, Platforms, Documented Approach, Media Company, they’ve become Tesla competing against Chrysler. And Musk, his appeal isn’t to people who need a car. His appeal is to the environmentalists and Worldchangers, who are inspired by his vision.     

Why is your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)? I hope you have one. You need one. I’ve shared mine many times. “To create a movement of movements, by helping others to create their own.” Like Musk, that is why I founded and have invested my money in building ImpactClub®, because - like Tesla motors  - ImpactClub® is a vehicle toward a  great vision and heroic purpose.

Which inspires the hell out of folks.

We see  it daily!

So please, to anyone out there that doesn't have an inspiring vision – dare to think a bit bigger. It won’t kill you, I promise. There is life after prospecting, sales and chasing  leads.   

In fact, they don’t grow the business. 

Like those “dirty foods,” that have been injected with hormones, genetically modified, to be able to grow a strawberry a test-tube – they are poisoning your business.  

“Soiling” how it’s perceived.  

It’s been determined that advertisers, salespeople and marketers, hungry for attention, hit us with more than 3,000 direct and indirect solicitations daily. Which means the market (everyone) is under assault, and it’s getting worse, as more business owners, desperate to compete, “genetically modify” their marketing in unclean ways
Instead of deepening connection. 

They hype up their promises. The same way that a cattle rancher, to speed up the growth of cattle and his chickens, injects them with unsafe hormones. These hormones, in scientific studies, have proven to lead to an increase in disease. Even cancer. 

Our fruits and vegetables are being are being poisoned with pesticides in the same way that our moral fiber is being poisoned by marketing coaches and sales trainers who ask us to bend our morals and convictions, all in the name of “getting attention.” Every ad, more sensational than the nextAnd while we know that we shouldn’t eat it, just like with the “unclean food,” that has led to record-high rates of diabetes and obesity, we do anyhow.  

“It tastes so good…”  

Who doesn’t like that promise of instant gratification? 

We are a society obsessed with free, cheap, and quick. And it’s killing us. Increased heart disease. Increased obesity. Even in elementary school kids. Increased rates of cancer. 

Why grow a free-range chicken in 20 weeks, when you can grow a factory-chicken, pumped full of hormones and stuffed in a small cage, in just 14 weeks? And this is what’s happening in business too. Business owners are buying into the allure of fast clients, oppose to quality clients, then complain when their “client diet” is killing them. 

All the result of "unclean" marketing.

In the book, Learning to breathe fire, about the early history of CrossFit, I read this paragraph. 

“The key characteristic of the Paleo Diet - is the overwhelming emphasis not...on what to eat, but on what to reject.  

In this sense, it is like any religious dietary code and draws from the same narrative: In the beginning, we existed in a state of innocent perfection, ideally adapted to our hunter-gatherer environment. And then we tasted sin, in the form of cultivated wheat and beans and vegetables that were bred to be more appetizing than the roots and leaves we’d been gathering from the wild. And all of that sinful, toxic gluten, lectin, and other plant proteins banished us from our stage of grace. Poisoned and corrupted, we live in a fallen world. We can never return to our Edenic past, because nothing available to the modern shopper, even grass-raised meat and organic vegetables, bears the slightest resemblance to what Paleolithic human beings actually ate. But by rejecting abominable foods, we can purify ourselves.”  

Look at the Facebook privacy scandal, anything goes until you get caught. And as long as your selling shit and making money, who cares right? That has become the default marketer’s mindset. 

“Anything to get my lead cost down. Anything to increase conversion, shorten nurture time, etc." And this, my friends, is the sad state of the marketing industry. 

How far down this path will we go?  

When will businesses owners wise up and stop chasing cheap, inexpensive, low-quality clients, customers, users or donors - in favor of attracting higher quality clients, customers, users and donors, who can only be had and earned at the cost of premium-connection? 

I mean, think about it. 

Customers are more skeptical than ever. Who can blame them? 

Does anyone trust the food industry?
Go watch the documentary Food, Inc. Visit a factory-chicken farm and see how our food is really produced. Watch all the hormones as they get shot into the animals that you then eat and feed your children. I’m not a “organic” Nazi, but I am aware of the reality.  And I’m not blind to it.  

Only from that place of being informed where one realizes the reality - can smarter choices be made. 

Not just about your food, but about your marketing and the advertising practices that is bringing you low-quality, infected clientele, who lack trust and integrity, because they don’t see it in you and your character. 

I’ve been screaming it from the roof tops.  

The person who will win the future is not going to be the business owner that insists on “farming factory-chickens,” through “unclean” marketing. The smarter, more intelligent people are not going to eat it. 

The dummies will, sure! But those are poor clientele to build a business around. Your business deserves better. And it’s these businesses that are grown by Conscious Capitalists that are going to be successful. Which, one might ask, what is a Conscious Capitalist?  

This is a new breed of entrepreneur. They understand the importance of being world-renowned storytellers. These people are driven by a Heroic purpose—to impact the lives of all stakeholders; including customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and society. Through their immense purpose they create evangelists who sing their praises. These visionaries don’t just sell products or services. Eventually, they strive to transform our current world. 

By that definition, it’s not hard to understand how and why these folks are going to win in the long run.
They are not short-term thinkers.

They are not “infecting” their clientele with distrust, by using distrusted tactics. Just look at the use of fake-countdown-timers or limited-quantity-remaining notices, when neither have any legitimacy to them, just telegraphs to their potential customer that they think they’re stupid. 

So why on earth would their customers, even if they’re fooled into buying from them, feel any sense of obligation to spread the word or act on behalf of the business? They wouldn’t. 

It’s like Globo-gym vs. CrossFit® 

Globo-gym could be any gym. LA Fitness. Gold’s Gym. Planet Fitness. It doesn’t matter. Each is just a facility. Each is just square footage filled with exercise machines. 

And each just sees you as a cog in the wheel!

CrossFit® on the other hand is a Culture, and Belief System. You don’t even have to join a CrossFit Box to learn their workouts. Their posted for free right on the CrossFit.com site. Their monetization model works purely because they seek results for their members, through community and belonging. 

Not just… are we getting exercise, but are we growing closer to the people that we’re doing it with? 

Being in the trenches alone, is not fun. 

Being in the trenches together, formulates a brotherhood.  

In the last five years, the biggest boom in running hasn’t been marathons or triathlons or traditional 10Ks. It’s mud races—obstacle studded runs, often on summer-time ski slopes, that friends tackle on a dare.  Warrior Dash started in 2009 with 2,000 participants. By 2012, it was running 700,000 people through dozens of 5K obstacles races a year—15,000 to 25,000 per weekend, November through August.  

Tough Mudder is another one.  

Spartan Races. 

Mud races are sporting events. But they’re being run for completely different reasons than marathons and triathlons or 5K and 10K road races. Finish time is completely beside the point. What’s important is the dramatic intensity and social bonding of the event, the laugh-about-it-later; we’re-in-it-togetherness of the suck.  

Obstacle races, said different, are campfire tales. 

Tough Mudder flatly states that people can’t complete the course alone. Not just because it’s physically impossible, but because “you’ll need teammates to pick you up when your spirits dipTo get you over 12-foot walls and through underground mud tunnels, you’ll need teammates to give you a boost and a push.   Tough Mudders are team players who make sure no one gets left behind.  

Who runs obstacle races? CrossFitters. Why? Because it’s the social aspect that attracts them, striving to reach max intensity, knowing they’ll need teammates to get them through it. They understand that going it alone is a path that leads to limited results.  

When your spirit dips, who’s there to motivate you or pick you back up? When you hit that mental threshold, when your mind says no more. Who’s there to inspire you to go that extra 10% that makes all the difference?  

These businesses, which are thriving, like Tough Mudder and CrossFit, and Spartan Races… in the fitness industry, are very different than the Globo-gyms of days past.  

Because the art-of-marketing a Globo-gym is to maximize the group of members who don’t use the gym, but aren’t motivated to cancel their memberships. 

From the book, Learning to Breathe Fire, it states “In January, you recruit new members, people who’ve made weight loss resolutions but aren’t actually going to change their habits. You take steps to alleviate crowding in January and February as those new members (and existing members racked by guilt) hit the floor. By March, member attendance has fallen off—Gold’s Gym has statistically identified February 7th as the “Fitness Cliff,” when the daily check-ins take a steep drop, a mere thirty eight days after January 1. 

But people who signed up in January are now captive subscribers who are legally committed to monthly bank debits the rest of the year.”    

And because of that—and how prominent this attitude has become in all industries, by most businesses—people are seeking relationships with companies and organizations that actually care about them, and take steps to facilitate community, connection and belonging.  

MIND: Belief is everything. A weak mind, leads to weak beliefs. Weak beliefs, lead to little to no conviction. And without conviction, what can we say? People don’t execute the proper behaviors. And without the proper behaviors, it’s almost impossible for anyone to get the result they want. But strengthen your mind - you strengthen your conviction. Which strengthens your behaviors. And when behaviors map to the strength of your beliefs, boom! The result comes. Your mind is a muscle. Exercise it and stress test it. Read. Write. Think. Craft stories…
BODY: This isn’t about rock hard ads. Body is about confidence. It’s easier to be confident, if we’re healthy. It’s easier to be confident, if we fit into our pants well. It’s easier to be confident, if running a mile doesn’t sound like a death sentence. It’s easier to be confident, if lifting weights doesn’t leave us paralyzed in pain. Skiing. Hiking. Running. Wrestling with your kids. Nerf Wars. Throwing the football around. Playing catch. Karate. Riding bikes. Doing Crossfit. Running marathons. There is no right way to sweat. But the more you sweat, through whatever physical exercise you choose, the healthier you’ll be. The stronger you’ll feel. And the easier it is to feel confident. Ownership of who we are, what we look like, physically, and the confidence we have internal, has huge affect on quality of life.
BUSINESS: Business is about relationships. But also, about research and intelligence. I have never found a wildly successful entrepreneur who isn’t hooked-into-the-pulse of the cutting edge. Who isn’t seeking ways to grow their audience. To deepen their relationships. To better design their product or service. Growth Hackers are masters of understanding the intricacies of a business. Being able to “tap, tap, whack,” just the right spot. Conscious Capitalists are every bit as powerful. And what drives both, is their thirst for creation. To build. To grow. The best entrepreneurs, charitable founders, business owners? They realize their ability to inspire others, directly correlates to their ability to be seen as a Leader. It’s why Storytellers, especially Level 2 and Level 3 Storytellers, have such an advantage over non-storytellers in their chosen profession, business or cause.
RELATIONSHIP: Relationship is about connection. About sacrifice. If you pay attention to social media, you see people living a bunch of fake lives. People are quick to post all their perfect moments. But then internally, and in private, hidden away from the rest of the world, they battle their demons, often ashamed, as if others don’t have those same demons. At the heart of that pain, though, self-doubt or dissatisfaction. At the heart of that struggle, there is connection. There is someone who shares it with you. You are not alone. Great relationships are rooted in our trial and tribulations. And our willingness to share our greatest setbacks. To learn our most profound lessons. You want to connect? Be you. Be vulnerable. Go first.
Do you CrossFit®? - Are you familiar with CrossFit®?

That book to the right, changed my entire perspective & approach to business, in regard to the science of driving results. Greg Glassman, who is CrossFit's founder, is a genius. Thus, I want to share 3 short paragraphs from it, but I encourage you to read the whole book: 
1 - The Psychological Component (From pg. 52)
The psychological element of performance in CrossFit® workouts became glaring apparent. When two nearly identical athletes were paired off to compete at a seminar in Seattle, one of them walked up to the muscle-up rings and said, "I've never done a muscle-up before. I'm going to get my first one." The other admitted that he'd never done a muscle-up either. "there's no way I can finish this workout," he said.

The first guy got his first muscle-up, then nine more. As he finished the workout, his friends came over to congratulate him. "Aw, thanks guys," he replied. "I knew I could do it." His opponent didn't even come close to doing a muscle-up and gave  up. When his friends came over to commiserate, he replied, "No worries, guys. I knew I couldn't do it.

Watching this scene unfold, Glassman pulled Amundson aside (his star student). "You know what, kid?" he said. "The greatest adaptation to CrossFit® is between the ears." That  statement seemed to hang in the air between them. It lodged in  Amundson's mind. It changed the way he trained. He stopped working from the outside in -- building building  physical strength in order to become confident. He started working from the inside out: building courage, forbearance, serenity to boost his physical performance... 

Every time he made improvements in these trials of will, his athletic performance spiked!  

GLASSMAN'S PUNCHLINE: I don't think it's because you're more physically fit. I don't think that you just increased muscle mass or contractile potential of muscle. I think it has more to do with your courage, your confidence and your determination, and your  ability to persevere. Those qualities are what we attribute to  good people. Good people are accountable. They have perseverance. They're  determined. What you're doing in these workouts is, you're becoming a different person. Every time you're going faster, you're becoming a different person. When people get their first muscle-up, it's not just because they're stronger and quicker than they were before. There's been a mental shift as well. It can take years to get a first muscle-up. It takes a minute to get the second one

Transformation Requires two Things: A) Deep understanding (how important the psychological component is) and B) The willingness to sacrifice comfort is what makes all other gains possible.
"For the strength of the pack is the Wolf, And the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."
2 - The Intensity Component (From pg. 42, 50)
to prove the effectiveness of CrossFit®, founder Greg Glassman often used Greg Amundson as a case in point. "When I speak of evidence," he declared, "here is what I mean: When an athlete like Greg Amundson posts a 'Fran' time of 2:48 at a body weight of 205, we  can with simple calculations, universally known and accepted by science, calculate that he has performed 54,225 foot-pounds of work in 168 seconds and that this is holding just less than 2/3 of a horsepower for almost 3 minutes." 

Then, to demonstrate the point, he would pit Amundson against seminar attendees in a competitive WOD (Workout of the Day). "My role," Amundson says, "was to do the workout and to win. And I had to win, because I had to prove the validity of the program. Because of a non-CrossFit athlete beat me in a workout, then CrossFit loses merit. So there was a certain amount of self-imposed pressure. 

And as the seminars continued, they shared a growing sense that CrossFit was building more than physical work capacity. There was something in the movements of the intensity of effort that went deeper, that changed people. 

GLASSMAN'S PUNCHLINE: Non-CrossFit athletes couldn't compete with CrossFit athletes, because they trained on equipment and in environments that sought to maximize comfort rather than to maximize Intensity. Gym memberships have soared, as the equipment made exercise more "comfortable." Free weights exist, but they're less used than any other piece of equipment. The idea has taken hold that exercise could be passive, that you could unhook your brain and "coast" your way to fitness. Free weights migrated to easier-to-use, more comfortable pulley systems. Pulleys were replaced by hydraulics and later by variable-resistance cams, Nautilus's signature innovation. 

The Elliptical Machine was the perfectly engineered instrument of junk exercise. It was built and marketed as a minimum-impact machine, just as baby boomers' knees were turning forty. Its big selling point was that it eliminated the discomfort of exercise

It is virtually impossible to achieve any kind of intensity on an elliptical machine. That's what makes it so popular. The pleasure principle  dictates that people who don't actually want to exercise will gravitate toward the gentle zero-impact elliptical workout, which pairs so comfortably with headphones  and a two-week-old copy of a tabloid magazine, or with screens that allow people to watch television while they clock their allotted thirty minutes of cardio

Transformation Requires two Things: A) To reject the pleasure principle, and stop operating in or seeking environments that try to maximize for comfort, and instead B) the pursuit of Maximum Intensity. Because Intensity, knowing there is going to be pain, suffering, possible failure, and embracing that, is what maximizes and optimizes for long-term results. Because it builds will power. Discipline. Increased willingness to commit to a path. And you come to know, on the other side of intensity; pain, fear, insecurity, physical or mental suffering, paired with uncertainty and unpredictability. there is true growth. A New perspective. Shifts in mindset. Firebreathers! - aren't just physically more capable, they're mentally tougher!  
3 - FireBreather! - Student & Mentor - (Pg. 49 )
The 6:00am class was an invitation-only, highly competitive workout for A-level athletes, "Team 6," as they called themselves. One more morning, after the 21-15-9 thruster/pull-up sequence that would be later known as "Fran," the entire Team 6 cadre lay in an exhausted heap.  

"It felt like I was breathing fire the entire time," Amundson groaned, struggling for enough air to speak. "It's like we're a  bunch of Firebreathers.

Before this, the athletes of Team  6 had  referred to themselves as "gladiators," "warriors," "monsters," and "beasts." But "Firebreather" seemed to capture something deeper and more distinctive about what they had become and the process that had forced their physical strength, their strength of will, their rivalry, and their friendship.  

They were competitors. They were teammates. They were students. And they were one another's teachers.  

GLASSMAN'S PUNCHLINE: He believed the moment you learned something, you had the responsibility to teach it. This reached back to CrossFit's founding days. "Everyone at CrossFit Santa Cruz learned the intricacies of the foundational movements, with the expectation they would teach the skills to others." The mantra went, "When you get home, grab a broomstick, knock on your neighbor's door, and teach them how to deadlift." It was this fusion of being competitors, teammates, students and teaches, that strengthened the Pack.  

Transformation Requires two Things: A) To understand that what you can achieve alone pails in comparison to what you can achieve, and how much you  can grow, as a member of as strong pack, and B) Those gains are multiplied and amplified if the "Pack" shares the same values, beliefs and convictions. A "Pack" of elliptical runners, would be dominated by a "Pack" of Firebreathers!   
With the same relentless commitment, dedication and intensity that CrossFitters work to build their physical strength and mental fortitude, Conscious Capitalists divert toward Storytelling. There is a science to it. Message creation is not just words on a paper,  it is the surgical precision to engineer beliefs. To create and alter emotions. To forge lasting memories. The mark of the effective Conscious Capitalist - Level 3 Storyteller - is no different than that of an Olympic-level archer. He is given the target. An objective. And he hits it. Crafting his message to serve that defined-purpose.  


You'll Immerse Yourself into the 3 Proven Factors of Extreme Growth

1) The Psychological Understanding. 

2) The Drive For Maximum Intensity, Not Maximum Comfort. 

3) Doing it with a "Pack" that shares your same values and beliefs, and conviction about building a business around a Heroic Purpose - Who are  both your competitors and teammates. Fellow students and Teachers. For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.  
FINALLY, you have a Daily path to build Your 6-figure audience
(Simplifying Sitcom-based Content)
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In Ryan Holiday's book, Perennial Seller, he summarizes Kevin Kelly's original 1000 True Fans philosophy. It can be found on page 178. In a recent Dan Kennedy newsletter, if you study direct-response marketing, he also spoke to it.

Here is what Dan said, speaking of Holiday, speaking of Kelly: 

For many of us, the most important thing we can build is reputation and relationship with a "base" of supporters or patrons. Very recently, I was in a meeting with investors relatively new to info-marketing, somewhat surprised at the simple "big thumb" money math I gave them: (only) 1,000 avid, committed followers, fans, subscribers, etc. equals $1-million a year. In his book, Ryan Holiday states and, by examples, demonstrates a virtually identical truth, which he states as: 

With 1,000 True Fans [this is Kevin Kelly's philosophy] -- people who will purchase anything and everything you produce - you're more or less guaranteed a livable income provided that you continue to produce consistently great work. It's a small empire, and one that requires upkeep, but it is an empire nonetheless.

Which Kennedy then states:

There are few actual guarantees in life. I agree with him; he has found one.
Because, and how is this possible?

People people don't buy services or information for the service or information sake. More times than not, they buy that product, service or information, because they like the character or personality of the person, or spokesperson, behind that product, service or information - ala Steve Jobs 

I recently bought the Adam Corolla Podcast "Master Class" - because I thought it was presented by Adam Corolla. It turns out, that it's not. And it is in fact, mostly presented by his staff...

They used his name though.

So I bought it, because I wanted Adam's perspective. That is the power of having a "Fan base." I bought it PURELY because of Corolla's name tied to it. In this case, I was let down, but nonetheless, the lesson is the same

Corrolla = True Fan = I bought it.

Understand, I did not buy it for the information (on how to podcast).I bought it because I wanted Adam's perspective! on "how to" podcast, on both beginning and advanced.

It's why influencer-marketing works so well.

By building your own audience (through publishing values, beliefs, convictions) you create your own 1,000 True Fans. And people will buy from you, hire you or refer you, with that same rabid loyalty, bringing you certainty and elevated income: 

* Charitable founder - 1,000 true fans - to donate to your cause

* Startup founder/Entrepreneur - 1,000 true fans - proof of user-adoption, used to raise funds from VCs, social proof begets more users and growth 

* Business owner or Service-Professional - 1,000 true fans - dependable, repeat clients/customers who refer

* Podcast host - 1,000 true fans - who will share, spread your message


Get the point? That's how you "guarantee" yourself a secure, sustained, live-able income that is larger than pretty much everyone else's that you know of, who runs in your personal social circles.

It's not the result of magic or "tactics."

It's the result of Connection. Stories. And repeated sharing of those Stories that connect.

Seriously, that's how simple it is.

It's not easy.

But it's not complex either. You just have  to learn the science behind it. Then practice consistently. Once you know how to solve a Rubix cube, it's quite simple too.

Mind. Body. Business. Relationships. Stop talking about your  fucking  product or service, and start being human again. That is the future of a high-income audience: Connect. Inspire. Create = The Foundation of the Hub-Spoke Business model
Do you  want to make a sales, be known as a salesman? Or do you want to build a business of massive purpose, built around an audience, that makes you and those associated with you - immensely rich - but more important, fulfilled, purpose-driven with no regrets?

I think Amazon founder Jeff  Bezos, is qualified to speak to this: 

From his recent Letter to Shareholders, and I'll start with the Punchline first, in regard to that FORMULA: Audience + Offer + Ongoing Communication = Maximum  Profit-Customer Value 

INGREDIENT #1:  Amazon Prime – 13 years post-launch, we have exceeded 100 million paid Prime members globally


INGREDIENT #3: Prime Video – Prime Video continues to drive Prime member adoption and retention.

= ONGOING COMMUNICATION = (Sitcom-Based Content)


Jeff Bezos is a man of humble beginning who started Amazon in 1996, selling books  online from his garage. This was not a sexy business. But year after year, for the last 22 years, he has focused on the  fundamentals: 

Fundamental FORMULA: 

1) Build the audience, 
2) Make that audience an Offer
3) Engage in Ongoing Communication (Sitcom-based Content)

By doing this, Bezos, at Amazon, has become the richest man in the world, serving  hundreds of millions of customers, and every time he makes a new offer, his loyal army - TRUE FANS  - purchase that Offer, if they have a need for it. Because True Fans trust Amazon to deliver.


* Prime Membership 
* AWS (Amazon Web Services) 
* Marketplace (Amazon.com - millions of products/services)
* Alexa (A.I. products/services)
* Amazon devices (hardware)
* Prime Video
* Amazon Music
* Amazon Go (new kind of store)
* Whole Foods (acquired)
* Amazon Restaurants (to compete with UberEats, etc.)
* Treasure Truck (in beta)
* Etc..

Which isn't even scratching the surface of Amazon's complete product/service offers. But, it's  all made possible. And Amazon is able to enter and compete  with any leading company - period - because  it has an  Audience  that is willing to purchase their Offer - TRUE FANS - the moment they make it available.

Because Jeff Bezos understands the Fundamental Formula

1) Build the audience, 
2) Make that audience an Offer
3) Engage in Ongoing Communication (Sitcom-based Content)

At the end of his memo, Bezos wrote: 

Path Ahead:

This year marks the 20th anniversary of our first shareholder letter, and our core values and approach remain unchanged. We continue to aspire to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, and we recognize this to be no small or easy challenge. We know there is much we can do better, and we find tremendous energy in the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

A huge thank you to each and every customer for allowing us to serve you, to our shareowners for your support, and to Amazonians everywhere for your ingenuity, your passion, and your high standards. As always, I attach a copy of our original 1997 letter. It remains Day 1.

Bezos' One Enduring Commitment? AUDIENCE-FOCUSED

When speaking of high standards and his commitment to this path, of being audience-focused and making sure his entire team of employees is - he outlines born with vs. learned: 

Intrinsic or Teachable?

First, there’s a foundational question: are high standards intrinsic or teachable? If you take me on your basketball team, you can teach me many things, but you can’t teach me to be taller. Do we first and foremost need to select for “high standards” people? 

If so, this letter would need to be mostly about hiring practices, but I don’t think so. I believe high standards are teachable. In fact, people are pretty good at learning high standards simply through exposure. 

High standards are contagious

Bring a new person onto a high standards team, and they’ll quickly adapt. 

The opposite is also true. 

If low standards prevail, those too will quickly spread. And though exposure works well to teach high standards, I believe you can accelerate that rate of learning by articulating a few core principles of high standards, which I hope to share in this letter.

(I hope reading in the different sections above, like Bezos in his letter to Shareholders, I have conveyed the few core Principles of the Conscious Capitalist Community.) 

I love me some ‘Narcos’ on Netflix. Season 1 & 2 profiled the rise and fall of drug lord Pablo Escobar. Giving you an inside look, at what it was like be his friend or opposition.

One of the tactics Escobar used to control the politicians, getting them to work in his favor. Was the phrase “plata o plomo?” Which translates to “Silver or lead,” “money or bullet?”

You could either cooperate with him. Take his money. Be paid off.

Or, you could choose not to, in which case, the gun he pointed to your head, or the head of your loved one, was fired - killing you or your family member.

When given that choice, and those being the only two options - the decision is pretty easy. You take the money. And whatever he wanted you to do, change the laws, etc. from a political standpoint, that you once believed was impossible. 

Somehow, some way, you now find a solution.

This phrase “plata o plomo?” has an equally interesting tie to success.

What if, by design, you propositioned yourself with the same “plata o plomo” stakes? Meaning, either you had to get “this thing” done that you’ve been working on, by whatever deadline you set - no excuses - or you eat proverbial bullet.

If you could trick yourself into accepting that mindset as truth, imagine how much more effective you could be.

In your mind, if it were truly “plata o plomo?” how would that change your behaviors? Would you sleep in, and not get up until 7, 8 or 9am? Would you go to bed early, instead of working until midnight or 2am in the morning?

Would you make the same excuses, that you make now? - if you knew, by the deadline you set - it was either “plata o plomo?”

If you succeeded, solved the problem, met the deadline - you took the money and lived.

(That's a good thing.)

Or if you didn’t, it was the bullet!!

I ask, how would this “plata o plomo” mindset and high-stakes change your productivity?

Some people I find never put themselves in situations of such urgency. Since they know they’re not really going to “get the bullet,” they let deadlines slide. 

They make excuses, because they can…

And it all, without “plata o plomo?” leads to a business or life of mediocrity. It’s not that they couldn’t change it, but they never put in place the “high stakes” that force them to change it.

Whereas when Pablo Escobar points a gun to your head, or to the head of your child, you get your ass moving and start problem-solving.

Plata o Plomo?

What are you dragging your feet on, that you know should have completed weeks, months, or maybe even years ago? And, what are you going to do about it?

I heard Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels, recently talk about this too, as one of his secrets to success. He  don't need the money anymore, so it's not about that. It's about the Impact he feels compelled to make in the lives of others. 
Hi Ryan,

I'm excited just reading this email. I see what you're doing and I want those skills.

I started my life focused on one-on-one sales; realized it doesn't scale.

Then I got into copywriting; realized it was not sitting with the core of my character because all I was doing was treating customers like they were there to be manipulated. I saw that it worked, and I kept writing copy because I needed to make money, but my heart was never in it.

Then Marketing hit; only to realize I don't know how to create the content that goes into all the funnels, and email automation. I used the direct response copy, but again I couldn't convince myself to go all in. Everything wreaked of having an agenda. There was always a wall between the reader and myself.

Now I've found you: 

Starting a movement. Building authentic relationships. Having a message. Having standards for screening people who shouldn't be part of the tribe. 

This is what I've been searching for these past 15 years. The more IODs I do the more my eyes open.

I'm starting to see the applications of IODs every where. 

I've been writing without any business focus and people are connecting deeply. They are waiting for my Facebook post, they are witnessing my struggles, and they feel connected on a deep level.

The feedback has been amazing. One guy sets aside 15 minutes each day just to read my posts. (They tend to be long so the joke in the group was you need at least 15 minutes - just in case)

I get private messages, get invitations to go places, and I just found out yesterday the characters in my stories are getting messages too.

(I.e. "Hey, I read about you in Ulrich's post.... *start conversation*)

These are all things I never expected. I'm studying, reading, practicing, and committed to sharpening these skills. 

I'm grateful to have found you and the movement of movements you're creating.

Because of my consistent IODs I was also asked to ghost write a book for one of the people I look up to. I'm putting together a plan and fee structure so we can get started. This means more practice writing stories and creating a message. (Bonus: I want to hear Roberto's stories so badly. So writing them will be a joy.)

I see the opportunities multiplying, and I can't wait to hone my skills and focus on building the media company around a specific business. 

If your new core offer is about sharpening the skills of message creation and building movements - I'm ready to sign up. 

The podcast did an amazing job so I'm well on my way. 

I missed the "Fletch, Let's Ride" but I hope I'll be able to take advantage of what's next.

Thank you,

Signup For FREE! 
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Let's start with the problem. To get more clients, customers, users, donors, etc. to use your product or service, you need to build an audience. The problem is, to build an audience - you have to create content. Which brings about the issue, what do I say? What do I write about? How do I know if it's any good? Am I just wasting my time? In the end, little compelling content ever gets put out, and the audience that you need - to drive you business, cause or heroic purpose - is never built. So, the business owner, or founder, or creator continues to struggle. The Game of I.O.Ds solves this problem. It is CrossFit® for Storytellers

You have an under-utilized Asset. If you listen to The Guru Party, all the so-called experts out there, they tell you to run FB ads. There is a cheat-sheet. There is a "hack." There is a "new secret" every damn day of the week. And everybody running these ads, is focused on chasing new bodies, new leads. Then following-up on those leads. Trying to sell and convert them. And you got  to call them back in 5 minutes. Etc. That is the  typical Sales Culture. Hunt 'em down. Club 'em. Drag 'em back. I invite you to consider a different approach, that focuses on the "FB Friends" -Asset - that you already have. 

A proven theory, rooted in common sense. First published in 2008 by Kevin Kelly, cofounder of Wired magazine. It was updated and republished in Tim Ferriss's recent book, Tools for Titans. It is every bit as known and dependable, and proven, as Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000 Hour Rule" to achieve mastery. A True Fan is defined as a fan that will buy anything you produce. If you have roughly a thousand True Fans like this (also known as super fans), you can make a good living - even a fortune, or impact the world - through a heroic purpose - depending on your business model and infrastructure.

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