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What is StoryAthleteGRIT? - What Is Living "The StoryAthlete WAY?"

 STORYATHLETE-GRIT was discovered by accident. Below, is a visual look at my physical journey in just 80 days. During the first StoryAthleteGRIT experience, which started on Sept 2nd, 2019, and ended on Sept 30th, 63 people joined us. 59 finished, due to the 6 Foundations in place. Of those 59, 56 reported significant transformation; across Mind, Body, Business, and Relationships. But, and this is the incredible part, StoryAthleteGRIT isn't about developing muscle, losing weight, diet or nutrition. Nor is it about directly growing a Business, or strengthening Relationships. It is about developing GRIT, which is the single most important aspect of success; when it comes to each of those 4-Dimensions.

Below, You Can Read & Learn About: 

  • How GRIT was Discovered - The Backstory
  • ​The 6 Foundations that make GRIT so transformational
  • ​See the Proof -  Stories from GRIT members
  • ​Why GRIT is better than a Personal Trainer
  • ​How GRIT grows our Businesses
  • ​How GRIT builds our Families & Relationships
  • ​How GRIT inspires those closest to us to want to Optimize their Life
  • How GRIT creates 4-Dimensional Transformation​
  • ​How GRIT eliminates Stress
  • Why living the "StoryAthlete Way" has become a Non-negotiable


95% of people lack the transformation they desire, because they quit on themselves. They quit on diets. They quit on fitness. They put off doing things in their business. They quit on their relationships. But mostly, they quit on themselves. The only path to fix this destructive cycle of starting, then quitting, then starting again, then quitting again - is to develop GRIT, through the 6 (discovered) Foundations - as the FUEL to transform your Mind, Body, Business and Relationships, as the by-products

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Through multiple tests, and a through sustained 93%+ finisher success rate. If you accept this invite to join StoryAthleteGRIT and complete the first month's GRIT regimen, successfully, and if, by some act of God, honestly do not feel a deep, clear sense of transformation of self; Mind, Body, Business or Relationships, then let StoryAthlete know. Your money will be 100% refunded. The Six (6) Foundations make Transformation absolutely guaranteed. You just have to show up and not let your teammates down.



With StoryAthleteGRIT registration, you will get everything you need. And nothing you don't. You heard the Story. You have seen the proof. Your transformation is guaranteed. You just have to show up! No excuses. 



Once you ARE registered, Ashley in my office will reach and to get you Entrance into the StoryAthleteGRIT. You will be assigned to a team. Like you, your teammates are committed. Together, you suffer, struggle, and win.



The Six (6) Foundations are what guarantee the ridiculously high (93%+) Transformation Rate (TR) that StoryAthleteGRIT members are experiencing. You just have to show up. Results, then, just happen.  

The Breakthrough Discovery: Transformation Through "Forced" Consistency

By Ryan Fletcher, 
Founder, CEO StoryAthlete
In a past life, I was a helluva a copywriter. I wrote for Agora, one of the true kingpins in direct-response marketing. For context, if not familiar, it would be the equivalent of a car designer working for Rolls Royce. 

Quickly, by my numbers, I became considered one of the best in the world...

In 18-months, I sold $30mil+ of product.

That was back in 2007-08. 

In 2009, I retired from "that" and started my own business. 

Over the next 8 years, 2010 to 2018, I aged from 29 to 37. I became a father for the 2nd time. I started a business, grew it to 7-figures-plus. Raised nearly $2mil for charity. Everything, from an outsider's perspective, was perfect. 

Except, inside.

And physically, I grew fat and was a mental wreck. 

In April 2018, I hit my breaking point. That is when, in order to find a better way to live, I went on a journey to discover my priorities. Two years later, in January 2020, I'm launching the podcast to share that journey. 

I give you this brief introduction, only to say, StoryAthlete is much bigger than Ryan Fletcher. 

I discovered, I'm not unique in my struggles. 

Other people are fat. 

Other people are crazy-stressed and feel "broken."

Other people are depressed and drink more than they should. 

Other people have neglected their fitness, nutrition, relationships, and have become people they're not fully proud of.  

I'm not alone in being short on energy. 

I'm not alone in wanting to be a better father / parent. 

I'm not alone in wanting to build a stronger business. One that would liberate me rather than imprison me. 

It was this pain, two years ago, that sent me on a sabbatical to figure out a better way to live. I was tired and lethargic. Exhausted all the time. I was fat and stressed. Fast becoming a shitty father and husband.  

To read the full journey of how the 'StoryAthlete Way' came to be, you're welcome to:

(click the 'podcast' link above)

The reason I mentioned that I use to be a copywriter though, is because I wanted to expose myself. I'm pretty good at selling things through the written word. As I sat down to type this story, however, it became clear: 
"This Story doesn't need to be sold."
It just needs to be told.  

StoryAthleteGRIT, was one of those one-in-a-million discoveries. 

Nobody was looking for it. 

It found us. 

"Ya dig?" Ryan France says, "Anyone Want To Do 100 Burpees With Me, For 30 days Straight?"

If you know what a burpee is, then your reaction is the same as mine was. 

"Not really."

Burpees suck. There is nothing fun about doing burpees. 

But then one friend said yes. Then another said yes. Before you know it, eight or nine had said yes. So, I jumped in and said, "Sept 1st to Sept 30th. Committed. That's my month time schedule." In total, 25 of us committed.

We all respected each other. 

We said, "We're teammates. I won't quit on you. You won't quit on me." 

I happen to be at my brother's house that weekend, celebrating Labor Day, as my family and his spent time on his boat. Sept 2nd, as I headed to his front-yard to do my burpees, I invited my brother to join me. 

My brother, like I had over that 8-year span, had gotten little fat around the mid-section. 

I invited him because I knew he would say, "yes". 

He always says, yes. 

I figured, being the loving brother I am, it'd be fun to watch him suffer, as he about died, doing 100 burpees "for time." The experience did not disappoint. I heard him wheezing for air, fairly certain I'd need to call 9/11... (haha). 
Toward the end, his arms gave out causing his face to crash into the ground.

Yes, I laughed. 

The second day, my brother's wife, Christi, joined us too. So it was her, my brother and I, and my wife, Melanie. 

Day 2, his arms gave out again. And yes, I laughed again. 

Look at the grass on his forehead.
And while the burpees sucked, somehow doing them together made them fun. 

Interestingly, the 25 who committed, was a diverse group. 

Greg Storrs is 67. 

We had old people. We had young people. 

We had heavy people. Skinny people. Former athletes, as well as people who had never done anything athletic in their life. 

We had a government worker. Real Estate investors. 

A high school teacher. 

A former member of the British Forces (Paratrooper Regimen)
A casino worker.

A firefighter.  

Even a few 7-figure entrepreneurs. 

Only CJ Thomas, StoryAthlete's Certified Personal Trainer, was even close to being in top physical condition. CJ, by the way, is a beast. Winner of Jeff Cavaliere's Athlean-X Games, beating out other top athletes and trainers.  

The Rules We Each Committed To:


The Overview: Each day, each member who has committed to this group, for the next 30 days, will complete 100 burpees. Our Lesser Self gets absolutely no say in the matter. 
Go, No Go - Each day's 100 burpees are your ticket to proceed forward to the next day. If you miss your burpees one day, and do not post in that day's thread, you will be removed from the group. You made a commitment. We are teammates. We have each other's back. If you let your teammates down, by not following through on your word, you get booted. Day 1 - we have 25 Spartans who said they were Default-YES. At the end of these 30 days, I hope we still have 25 Spartans.

Each day's burpees must be completed on that day, no carry-over. No doing them in advance. Each day, 100.

Proper Burpee Form - CJ Thomas, StoryAthlete's Certified Personal Trainer, created a video that outlines the different options for completing the burpee movement. The Burpee 100 Regimen is not a Game of fitness. Fitness is the by-product of the Mind. Our mission is to push our Self, mentally. Each of us has a different physical capability. It is You vs. You. Not you vs CJ or anyone else. Also, if needed, you can choose to break the 100 burpees up throughout the day. Whatever tests your limits, do that. "Go as hard as you can, for as long as your can... within your limits." 
Transformation & Testing - Through the Burpee 100 Regimen each member will document their progress and transformation. 
Every Monday (4X) - Will be benchmark day. This means the 100 burpees need to be done in a single session and time recorded. Whether it takes 7 minutes or 70 minutes makes no difference. Our goal is to chart overall progress from start to finish. These single sessions should be time-lapsed recorded. 
Take a Before & After Photo - You don't have to share this photo(s). But do have it. Because in 30 days. 90 days. 6 months. You will be a different person than you are today. This photo, when finally shared, is what inspires others. "Holy shit!" Look at your Before / After. For me, I plan to take a picture each day. So that I can create a high-speed photo collage. You've seen those. I'm also time-lapsing each 100 burpee session. In the 'Game of Documentation,' you can't capture too much visual proof. You only get one chance. You can't go back in-time later. 
Hip, Waist, Weight Measurements - You don't have to share these either. These are for you to Document your Transformation. Like photo proof, Before vs. After, measurements help create a Preponderance of Proof too. Proof equals believability. Believability equals the ability to inspire. Never forget, Transformation IS the marketable asset. So document it (fully) to strengthen your case study. 
Resting Heart Rate (RHR) - For some, who have no real weight to lose, and, are already in good shape, resting heart rate may be biggest measurement of improvement. What is it? Post workout, how long does it take to recover? Joe De Sena, Spartan Founder, said his RHR is 48 bpm (beats per minute). Fitness isn't just about our physical body. It's about the fitness and strength of our heart too.  
The StoryAthlete Way - Each day as a motivator, and, as a reminder of the 51-Word Code that StoryAthletes live by, one StoryAthlete Principle will be selected and spotlighted. For each Principle, each member will put that Principle in context of what it means to them. Perhaps, how they have applied it. That's 26 different perspectives, for each Principle, each day. Don't cheat your teammates by sitting this out.   


* Not all, but lots of GRIT members are business owners and entrepreneurs currently, or want to start a business or side hustle to create extra income for their family. 

Burpees are hard. 

Try them. 

Drop down, and crank out 30 right now "for time." Meaning, grab a stopwatch and see how fast you can get those 30 knocked out. 

Did you get them done in one-minute? 

Or two minutes? 

Or three-minutes?  

Most people, and since you're reading this right now, that means you. Won't bother to exert the effort to find out how fast they can complete 30 burpees. "It's too hard." "It's too difficult." "I could never do that." "I got bad knees." Between the group, when we told people what we were doing for 30 days, 100 burpees everyday, we heard it all. 

If you're one of the rare birds who did the 30, now do another 70 to get to that 100 burpee benchmark.  

How fast were you able to complete your 100 burpees? 

Did you feel like you were going to die? 

Yeah, so did we. 

We All Wanted To Quit, Except None Of Us Would.

We were a team. To uphold our commitment to each other.

And, to not be kicked out, "Go, No Go."

We did burpees in airports. 

We did burpees in hotel rooms.

We did burpees at the office.

We did burpees in emergency rooms and hospital maternity wards.  

We did burpees at midnight under street lamps.  

We did burpees on the beach. 

StoryAthlete, Chris Brisson, even did burpees with Spartan founder, Joe De Sena...

It Was Only 30 Days, "How Transformational Could It Possibly Be?" 

Day after day, we did our 100 burpees. 

If we're being honest. 

None of us expected the kind of results that we experienced. 

Ryan France updated the group: "I am the Proof..."

"I messed up and didn’t take a before picture. I honestly did not see this kind of physical transformation coming in 30 days. That’s said, I’ve gained 4 pounds. I’ve also lost body fat. I know this because my love handles are 1/2 the size the were and I’m actually starting to see the shadow on my 5th and 6th abdominal. 

I can’t remember the last time I could, if ever. 

So, while it’s not empirical evidence and wouldn’t pass scientific scrutiny, I believe I’ve added at least 5 pounds of muscle during the burpee challenge. 

I’ve never been a bodybuilder but I’m also pretty sure that I’ve never gained 5 pounds of muscle in 30 days on any other kind of workout. Granted I’ve done other things during these 30 days but 3200 burpees don’t lie."

Wayne Purser, he's 62 or 64 or something, updated us: 

"Day 28 completed. Changes…”F*cking A.” My pants are looser; my new belt has one hole left in it. My posture is much better. I Am Proof..."

David Brown updated us:

"I didn’t need to lose weight but all my pants are loose enough to take up another belt notch. I can feel a new firmness in the biceps and triceps and most of that sagging skin under the tricep is gone. 

I have 4 friends about my age that I have been trying for months to get active and moving, but I hear all the same excuses I told myself in the past. One is pre-diabetic; I have been telling him to go keto get a little exercise and he’ll be cured but he just looks at me like I don’t know what I’m talking about. 

Won’t even research it a little. 

Another got interested enough in my burpees that he felt the need to get a little exercise so he bought a bicycle. 3 weeks now he hasn’t got on it once. But I’m not giving up on them. They need visual proof and I’m gonna give it to them."

Twenty-six started the first StoryAthleteGRIT, all 26 finished! - Not one quitter.   

-- My brother is down 15+ pounds in 27 days. 

-- Remy has lost 3" on her waist.

-- Sloper told everyone that he feels like the f--ing Terminator.  

On the left is "Sloppy" Sloper. On the right, just 30 days later, new Terminator Sloper
Danny Degrie updated us:

"Speaking specifically to this burpee regimen, I have tried multiple ways to grow muscle in my routines. Burpees everyday have produced the most effective chest growth so far. lol. Adding GRIT to where I need it most, I'm starting to see how the habits can build on each other to get the actions I need to accomplish."

I'm telling you, every person has said GRIT has been absolutely transformative. 

Not just in Body, but mostly, in MIND.  




Not making excuses. Not putting it off. 

Want to a TRIBE to push you, support you, that you can connect deeply with? 

Our Results Became The Invitation To Others, To Join Us In StoryAthleteGRIT, Round 2... 

This time, though, we got more strategic. 

Why did this work? 

Why did people not quit? - (Even though, almost every one of us wanted to.)

How could results possibly happen this fast?

Not just in the physical sense. 

But in the Mind - (carrying over to Business, and Relationships!)

So, together with CJ Thomas, and Ryan France. We crystallized the Six (6) Foundations that we believed led to each person's very unexpected transformation. Testing these assumptions became our next objective.

We finished Burpees on Sept 30th. 

Our next experiment ran from Oct. 3rd to Oct. 31st - just 28 days

We Collected Mountains of Proof, 56 of the 59 That Finished, Indicated Massive Transformation in Mind, Body, Business, Relationships!... Because Transformation Is Simply About GRIT.

First off, the success rate: 93.9% completion. 

Having seen and heard our results from the Burpee "100" experiment, 63 this time accepted the invite. 

Eric Verdi, my cofounder for ImpactClub® Frederick, was one of those 63. 

He wasn't going to miss out. 

Not this time. 
After Oct-GRIT concluded, this is why Eric said he joined us, before he went on to summarize his results.  

(Note: Orlando, referenced by Eric, is the Live Event that StoryAthlete puts on. Twice per year, we rent a 15,000 to 25,000 square foot mansion. And 30+ of us collaborate and mastermind for 3 days)

"What started at about 6:30am in Orlando while waking up on the couch (I was one of the last one’s there, and slept on the couch in the living room) watching Fletch (Ryan Fletcher) wake up at 5:30 to write then disappear and reappear in workout clothes. Then seeing CJ Thomas pop in. Ryan Fletcher. Mark Broady. The ‘Turners.’ - Mike Turner Amanda Turner. Jenine Kenna. Remy Fortier… Then Tim "Murph" Murphy after he woke up around 10am and did the morning session, but he was ready by lunch break.

Each of these machines would walk outside and do 100 burpees and come in drenched and sweating from their workout.

I knew that ‘those who suffer together, bond together’ and I was in awe of these peeps. Their commitment to doing 100 burpees a day. They actually finished their challenge while they were in Orlando. They spoke of the transformation by: 

1) Their commitment to the group. 

2) The physical transformation. 

3) They felt stronger not only physically, but mentally. 

4) The mindset of them, clearly had changed, they were like super human.

When Fletch talked about the next month's GRIT, I knew I wanted to see if I had what it took to finish the 28 days.

I asked Fletch to put me in GRIT for the October, because I wanted transformation like these guys and girls. 

He said, “You CAN’T Quit.”

I had no idea what the challenge was going to be."

For the record, not just Eric, nobody knew what to expect. Because each month's GRIT regimen is different. 

StoryAthlete, John Sellers, described accepting the invitation this way: 

"As I have said before, I had no idea what I was getting into when I responded to the email that invited me. I actually thought I was invited by mistake! You see….I had just signed up for the StoryAthlete Day 28 Challenge and had thought all I was going to have to do was learn to write stories. 

So I flippantly figured, what the heck let’s do this thing, it can’t be that hard and I am getting more for my money.

Well, I sure did get more than my money's worth in: 

Pain…. Self-Reflection… Inspiration... Belief in Myself... Teamwork… Allies... and RESULTS!!!"

So, in total.

Like Eric, like John... 

Sixty-three accepted the GRIT October invitation, 59 finished. 

Test Result: A Ridiculous 93.6% Success Rate. Again, We Almost All Wanted To Quit, Except None Of Us Would.

StoryAthlete Ryan Sloper,  put is this way:

(Sloper, just for context, is our CEO on the real estate investment side) 

First things first, massive shout out to every single Member of StoryAthleteGrit. What we’ve accomplished as a group is pretty f**king epic.

I’m not sure if I’ve heard of a 93.6% success rate in any Challenge. 59 out of 63 people crossed the finish line. Insane. Not to mention this wasn’t a 3, 5, or 7 day Challenge. Not even a 14 day Challenge.

But 28 grueling days.

The law of averages will tell you that somewhere around 2-3 weeks a large number of people should bow out. This group? Not the case. 

We just get stronger. More committed. We turn a negative into a positive and keep the party going."

To build on what Sloper said, not even the people who were notorious quitters, could muster the courage to quit inside of GRIT. As a result, because they showed up, transformation became inevitable. 

StoryAthlete Andrew Slobodian, up in Winnipeg, executed GRIT in the middle of a Canadian blizzard.
As a result, in 28 days, dropped 14 pounds.

Not to mention, lost 7 inches. 

And PR'd almost every week, for every 'test of will.' 

In his own words, about not quitting and the Results that stemmed from that: 

"Honestly, I thought this challenge was going to go the same way everything else I start does. Which is, doing it for a week, maybe 2 and then loosing interest. Or giving up, when a speed bump is thrown my way.

But this time was different. 

The stakes felt bigger. 

I started GRIT October with 7 “strangers” that I felt, for some reason, I just could not let down. 

If I was just for me, there is no way I would have done hill sprints and hangs during a snow storm. No way I would have ran stairs at the hospital at 11:00pm at night, after my wife just had our 3rd child... 

Definitely no way, I would have kept doing those awful god-forsaken movements you people call burpees (

It’s amazing what you can do when you tell yourself you are "All-In" no matter what. 

You find a way to make it through come hell or high water.

I’ve learned so much about myself in these past 28 days. I was able to face my fears, my inner demons, and recognize my fatal flaws. It felt like each and every Principle exposed my bullshit excuses of why I didn’t do this thing or that. 

If I take away anything from this 28 challenge it would be this: Just show up."

Yes, GRIT, just show up...

This Is When We All Realized It, "Holy Shit, We Have Something Here." 

Mark Broady, one of our 59 finishers, put it perfectly: 

"Damn. What a month."
As I said yesterday in my video post, this has been the greatest science experiment I’ve ever witnessed, let alone had the privilege of being part of. 

I feel like we, as a group, have made history with the inaugural GRIT Challenge. Something incredible was born in the process. And now we have a baby, that I believe, has the potential to grow I into a monster.

But not a Frankenstein monster. 

It’s not evil. 

It’s not scary. 

In fact, it’s something beautiful.

Seeing myself and others going through this experience together and really bringing out the best in each other - has been a beautiful thing to watch.My sister posted photos of me on our Facebook business page today. One is my headshot from last year. One is of me now - taken a week ago. 

The difference is pretty crazy. 

I lost 28 lbs., shredded away a ton of body fat, and gained some serious muscle.That’s not to mention, the transformation that occurred, that isn’t obvious. The transformation that you can’t see in the photos. 

The mind. The spirit. The relationships. 

The business.

I had my best year in 2019 in terms of gross revenue. I almost doubled my 2018 income. 

So much more confidence. So much more maturity. 

So much more perspective.

I set new PRs this month too, busting through that 25-minute plateau I had reached on my 5K time. And I realized just how powerful the Wolfpack Mentality is. Alone we are weak. We give up easily. 

Our Lesser Self takes over.

But together we are strong. Stronger, than I ever imagined we could be.

I can’t wait for whatever’s coming next!!!"

In Nov, 2019 - The Next Month - To Be Certain, Our Six (6) Foundations Led To Predictable Transformation - We Tested It Again. 

Here is the Nov, 2019 invite to StoryAthletes: 
The fitness and nutrition industry is a 100 billion dollar a year industry.

Everyone is searching for the easy button. 

"Pills." "Powders."


A gym membership. 

Or, to make fitness more convenient, "I'm going to get a treadmill" for my house.  

"I'm going to get a Peloton." 

But the truth? There is no easy button. Nor is it ever convenient, or going to be comfortable, to inflict pain upon yourself, at the intensity needed, to trigger the fat loss and muscle gain at the speed you desire. 

So, stop looking for an easy button, convenience, or comfort, and just go hard for 10 to 20 minutes tops. 

As I tell this part of the story, it's Dec 4th. 

Meaning, we just finished November StoryAthleteGRIT.

Here is my progress in the last 90 days, thanks to discovering and putting in place the Six (6) Foundations.
I'll outline the Six (6) Foundations, in a minute.

They're not rocket science, but they work because they "force" consistency. We go hard. We show up. We don't quit. Tomorrow, wash, rinse, repeat, and we transform alongside our teammates.

StoryAthlete Remy Fortier, dropped 9 pounds and shed 11 inches. 

Teammate Chris Reese, dropped 17 pounds, 197 down to 180, shrinking his gut and waist together 4 inches. 

Cole Turnbull never imagined he could run a 5K without walking. He did. Not only that, he can do 50+ burpees consecutively, unbroken. Another feat, he did not expect to ever have happen in barely a month. 

StoryAthlete Michael Hope, "My wife said she was proud of me no less than 10 times. Amazing feeling. No matter that we have known each other for 20 years, been married for 16, it still matters immensely her opinion of me." 

StoryAthlete Dani Russell, "When I started GRIT, I knew the growth of Mind and Body would be inevitable. Yet I grossly overlooked the Relationship piece. The relationships with teammates. The relationship with myself. The relationships with my family. My husband joined me in GRIT on Day 4... The cherry on top was my kids got involved too. I am grateful that I inspire my kids to move. To push their bodies. To always continue to be better than the day they were before."

Teammate Christi Fletcher, dropped 8 pounds and shed 15 total inches. More important though, she felt she shed her insecurity. 

Mark Borst, dropped 8 pounds and 4 inches from his gut and hips.

StoryAthlete Heather Compton didn't lose any weight, but posted her Before and After photos to her Facebook page. What happened next? She inspired a shit ton of people. Because the scale doesn't tell the whole truth. 
She gained significant muscle. 

Lost fat.  

And her body, because of that, looked massively different. Which is what prompted her friends to say, "Damn!.. Amazing!..." 

StoryAthlete Yventz Lange, father of three boys, use to think of himself as a quitter. A slacker. Someone who couldn't focus on something long enough to create change. GRIT, for him, changed all that. 

He says: "I'm starting to see a different version of me. A connected, self-aware version. I am starting to live by example, writing my success story. And it's only getting better. Was it worth it, f**k yeah." 

Teammate Andres Escobar, "The biggest transformation is the relationship change with my wife and I. Today we had date night and she was flirting with me and I with her. I feel renewed today, ready for the world..." 

Remember, 63 accepted the invitation. 

59 finished. 

And 56, all documented, on the 'Read Their Stories' page, reported significant transformation. 

In Just 75 Days, After Having His Arms Give-Out Doing Burpees, My Brother Is Down 32-Pounds, Reclaimed His Health...

Here are the results of my brother. 

I love brother! 

After I reclaimed my fitness through the 6 Foundations, I hoped my results would inspire him to reclaim his. 
In his own words: 

"Confidence per Webster dictionary is: “a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.” So, another way to say it would be: “I see my body as the feeling of self-assurance, arising from my appreciation of my own qualities.” 

Not sure I could say that to be a true statement 75 days ago. 

“Fat Tom” did not exude appreciation for his "tire-like-mid-section qualities," or his 'nut-filled-chipmunk-cheeks. “Fat Tom” wasn’t ashamed of his body, but I certainly was not confident. I was tired. Exhausted. In a downward spiral. 

However, in the last 75 days that sh*t has all come crashing down. I have lost 32 lbs, gained muscle for sure, and have definition in places on my body that hasn’t been seen since my high school wrestling days. Why? A change in mindset that that forced me do take on tough tasks, including cutting refined sugar, completing StoryAthlete 100 Burpee Regimen, completing StoryAthlete GRIT Oct, and the saga continues with StoryAthlete GRIT Nov. There is no stopping this train, and I can’t wait to see the confidence that grows over the next 6 months, 12 months, and beyond.

For those that believe you can’t change that drastically in 75 days, you just need to look at the two pictures (above). They speak for themselves and confidence is starting to show. September 3 image = chipmunk-cheeks, spare-tire, and no definition tree-stumps for arm. November 10 image = look, I have a cheek bones, spare tire transforming into the beginning of a 6 pack, and tree stumps converting to defined branches.

OooRah StoryAthletes! 

Keep Changing Lives 1% at a time."

Love my brother. 

Being able to inspire him meant the world to me. 

Now, remember "Sloppy Sloper" from that image above, and his transformation to Terminator Sloper? 

Fast-forward to halfway through GRIT-November: 
From a soft, sweaty, puffy 199 with man titties... 

(I'm not "body shaming" him, he and I joke about it. "Sloppy" Slope and "Fat Ryan," the people we use to be)

To 194, and getting toned...

To 186, having a defined jaw-line, getting abs and developing a legit physique.  


Sloper summarized what GRIT meant to him, at the end of the October-GRIT regimen. 

"GRIT for me was all about “Internal Struggle.” We all go through it. Only it wasn’t just me, it was 7 other teammates. Which upped the ante. We all have lives outside GRIT. Families. Babies. Jobs. Priorities. Commitments. Problems...

So the struggle, internally, was how do I commit for 28-days and still get all my other shit done? 

For me, GRIT was a massive opportunity to change my belief system around what “STRUGGLE” truly represents.

- Struggle = Progress
- Struggle = Growth
- Struggle = Increased Capacity
- Struggle = Moving closer to Heroic Self
- Struggle = Rewiring the Neurons in my Brain
- Struggle = Overcoming Adversity
- Struggle = Become a better Problem Solver
- Struggle = Consistency
- Struggle = Better Storyteller
- Struggle = Better Leader
- Struggle = Healthier
- Struggle = Better Body
- Struggle = Clarity
- Struggle = Total Transformation of Mind. Body. Business. Relationships

By changing my belief system, I was able to achieve the 'outcomes' on the other side of those equal signs, in 28 days.

Having my 3rd Child, Ella, back in January, really took a toll on me this year. Let’s just say she likes to party at night. My sleep patterns were terrible. I was "Mr. Low Energy." Couldn’t focus. Out of shape. And frustrated.

Just chalked it up to the seasons of life.

GRIT changed everything.

Hell, I went across the world to Bali with my damn sandbag for 10 days, and never skipped a beat. I am a new, better version of myself. 

Sloper 2.0. 

Another month from now, I will be Sloper 2.1.

I can’t wait to get started.


The Six (6) Foundations Have Proved To Be The Secret Formula That Guarantee Transformation, Because They Were Designed To Defeat The Lesser Self. 

No "magic" pills, powders, or potions.

No "secret" diet plan. 

No "restrictive" diet plans.  

No "latest" gizmo or gadget, or trend. 

No "expensive" gym membership that nobody ever goes to.

Just the Six (6) Foundations:  
There are 6 Foundations to forging GRIT:
1)  Default-YES vs. Default-NO
2)  Intensity vs. Check The Box
3)  Suffer Together vs. Suffer Alone
4)  Go, No Go vs. Random Check-Ins
5)  Metrics vs. No Metric
6)  Integrity vs. No Integrity       
Here Are What Those Represent & Test For:
1 -----> Mindset
2 -----> Pain
3 -----> Team
4 -----> Consequence
5 -----> Progress
6 -----> Character     
Without the proper ingredients and framework to forge GRIT, then forging GRIT isn't possible. The Lesser Self is a wile motherfucker. He is devious and cunning, driven by shortcuts and escapes. If you don't anticipate that and design the Game to proactively defeat him, then the Lesser Self outmaneuvers the Heroic Self. To prevent this, we design the Game to the advantage of the Heroic Self.


The StoryAthlete Way is also known as, "The Way of the Heroic Self." For us to become our Heroic Self, the Lesser Self must die. The Lesser Self is the piece-of-shit that sabotages us with excuses and is too mentally-weak to persist. There are four elements to living the "StoryAthlete Way" - Grit, Legacy, Fitness, Fuel. GRIT is first in the hierarchy, for a good reason. Without GRIT, nothing is possible. Hard shit requires mental toughness. It requires us to be able to endure pain; mentally, emotionally, physically. For years, I tried to teach tactics and strategies. And for years, most didn't do a damn thing with anything I taught. I could never figure why. Well, now, I know. I provided the tactics and strategies, but I never required GRIT as the admission into the party. It's easy and fun to learn. It sucks and is painful to execute. It's a truth I've seen in both of the first two StoryAthlete 28-Day Challenges, too. Through the 28 days, nearly 70% quit. Those who don't though, are the ones with GRIT, and end up transforming themselves and their abilities in unimagined ways.

I can show folks how to write 200 to 400 words per day, and how to turn that effort into a high 6-figure income. But me showing people and people doing it. Are two very different things. The chasm that lies between those points is the four-letter word known as GRIT. Through intense research and testing in our StoryAthlete lab, we identified the Six (6) Foundations to elevate a person's GRIT-levels:
1 -- Default-YES vs Default-NO

This is a mindset. The Lesser Self is dominated by the Default-NO mindset. "It's too hard." "Oh, I could never do that." "I wish I could do that, but..." "I'm not athletic." "I'm not good enough." "I'm not smart enough." "I don't have enough time right now." Etc. You get the point. Where the Heroic Self though, with a Default-YES mindset, commits, then figures it out later. At least half the StoryAthletes that committed to run the Spartan Trifecta in 2020 had never even run a 5K before their commitment. Who cares! They'll figure it out. Those with elevated levels of GRIT don't just talk about living the Challenge Life. They live it. They "Embrace The Suck." After 20 days of the 100 Burpee Regimen, because it was so transformational, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, I and others committed to sustaining the 100 Burpee Regimen each day for life. Oh my god, that sounds terrible. Yep. It's called GRIT. The funny thing is, as you sustain your commitment that pain soon turns to pleasure. Default-YES. Give me more. Former athletes will recall the pain of, and be reminded of how good it made them feel, after a great workout. "That sucked. But damn, it felt good." For entrepreneurs, this equates to being able to solve massively complex problems under pressure and stress. "That sucked. But damn, it felt good." GRIT pushes us to expand our limits.
2 -- Intensity vs. Checking the Box 
Transformation doesn't happen because someone goes to the gym. Just look at the majority of the people who are at the gym. They're all out of shape, on ellipticals, reading Us Weekly as they pretend to push themselves. Now, walk over to a CrossFit gym or go run a Spartan Race, and you'll find folks who appear to be superhuman. Fucking abs on top of abs on top of abs. Flying through the air like dolphins on a bar. Doing kipping pull-ups and Olympic lifts. Doing wall balls and burpees until they almost pass out. If you can listen to headphones while you work out, then you aren't practicing Intensity. Intensity is what tells the brain, "Hey, we're fucking dying here. Help us." Because of that signal, the brain triggers the release of growth hormone. Growth hormone burns fat and builds muscle. I highly recommend you read the book, "Learning to Breathe Fire," about the Rise of CrossFit. The StoryAthlete GRIT Regimen is rooted in Intensity. Will it hurt? You bet your ass. With it transform you? Absolutely. For the record, I have never seen a complete bad-ass on an elliptical machine. I know, "they're better for your knees." "Lower impact, more comfortable." Fuck comfort. Comfort is the home of the Lesser Self.
3 -- Suffer Together vs. Suffer Alone

This is pretty simple. When you're alone, and shit starts to suck and get painful, you quit. The Lesser Self has no issues or qualms whatsoever about quitting on himself. The Heroic Self, though, doesn't suffer or endure the assigned pain for his good. He does it to be "the rock" to those he's suffering alongside. I have heard Navy SEALs say, "I don't fight for me. I fight for my brother to the left and the right of me." Suffering alone is damn near impossible. Suffering, with others? Well, "Those who suffer together, bond together." It's these friendships, and social contract created, that leads the StoryAthlete to earn elevated levels of GRIT, as they transform to become their Heroic Self.
4 -- GO, NO-GO vs. Random Check-ins

To every StoryAthlete, that committed to StoryAthleteGRIT last month, it was made clear; if they missed one day, failing to post their required assignment by the deadline, they'd get booted from the Team. You want to check-in randomly and sporadically, and only do the GRIT tests when it is convenient for you? "Good!" Then do it by yourself without a team because clearly you're not a good teammate. "Go, No-Go." Each day is pass or fail. If you fail, you get to go home and get that warm bowl of soup and hot a chocolate. Meanwhile, your teammates will still suffer, by choice, because they have developed the elevated GRIT levels to do so. "It's not convenient." "I didn't have time." "I was traveling." "I forgot." None of that shit flies. GRIT is about commitment, not convenience. Through previous rounds of GRIT, we witnessed 'Tests of Will' completed in hotel rooms, airports. In office meeting spaces. On the beach. Even in a hospital emergency room. Your Team doesn't give a shit how you get it done. Just get it done.
5 -- Metrics vs. No Metrics

If metrics weren't necessary, then professional sports leagues wouldn't keep score. And players wouldn't seek to improve their stats. But they are essential because the scoreboard and stats don't lie. If you hit .200 in baseball, then guess what? You can't argue or brag about how good of a hitter you are. If you hit .300, your success as a hitter is evident. We track metrics to track progress. But also, to measure the effectiveness of our Regimen + Intensity. GRIT, just for GRIT's sake, is nothing but personal abuse. When GRIT becomes "Intelligent GRIT," though, through experimentation and testing different strategies to improve performance. That is how the average players become elite and sustain dominance. There are mental metrics. There are physical metrics. There are Intensity metrics. There are time metrics. Without tracking them, we could never improve them.
6 -- Integrity vs. No Integrity

The Heroic Self with GRIT, doesn't ever have to worry about his or her Integrity. If they say, "Default-YES," then they're all-fucking-in with no quit. Their word is not empty speech. When it gets hard, they don't quit. When it gets inconvenient, they don't make excuses. When their teammates need help, they jump in to carry the weight of their pack. Everybody says they have Integrity, but, if we're honest, damn few demonstrate it. On day 1 of the StoryAthlete Challenge, 90% say, "Here is the shit-list I want to change." Fast forward 20 days, less than 40% remain committed. The Scorecard doesn't fucking lie. You told me you were all-in. Then, by your actions, you lied to me. Integrity is not about talk. Integrity gets demonstrated. For the Burpee 100 Regimen, GRIT 1, we started with 26 GRIT teammates and finished with 26 teammates. In GRIT 2, we started with 63, and 59 finished for a 93.6% success rate. Talk is fucking cheap. Show up. Be there. Put in the work. Uphold your commitment. That is Integrity. 

It's These Six (6) Foundations That Keep You, From Quitting On You. Which = Sustained Discipline, Which = Transformation of Mind, and Body, Carrying Over To Business, and Relationships, As The By-Product Of GRIT.

I suppose we could make it more complicated than that.

Do you need us to, to make it appealing?  

Or do you get it? 

"I get it."

Good, because it means you're not one of the stupid ones who is going to continue to waste a bunch of time, effort, and energy, not to mention, money. On a bunch of stupid shit that you know you've tried before.

StoryAthlete Dani Russell, has openly discussed her struggle with Self-care. 

In the past, she never prioritized it. 

As a Mom to her kids, as a business owner to her business, she continually neglected herself. 

Now, she does every GRIT with her husband, and often kiddos!
After Dani's first GRIT: 

"I have been working on my mindset for a solid year now and it has grown leaps and bounds in that time. However, once starting GRIT, the mental progress that I am making has begun to amplify exponentially faster. 

The fucking high that I get from working out has been an incredibly powerful tool in my belt.

Burpees, Bar Hangs, Sandbags... it all sucks... but I love it. 

And by "embracing this suck," it has helped me to slay the dragons in other areas of my life. Instead of putting off the shit I don't want to do, I've become a Default-yes, I'm all in, do it now person. 

I no longer linger or wait for a better time, I attack it. 

get it done. 

I've learned that the hard stuff never becomes easy, I just get better at doing the hard stuff."

StoryAthlete Breanne Smedley, a high school volley ball coach. 

She applied GRIT to her team, getting each player to commit to 100 burpees for the 30 days leading up to playoffs. 

They hated them. But they loved them!!

Breanne did them too. 
Then between classes, she also knocked out GRIT's infamous '12-Minutes of Death' workouts.
Her young team took 7th in state. 

Working with development of young women, Breanne said: 

"When our body is strengthened (through the minimum effective dose), our mind is strengthened, and a cascade of events happen that make us feel better about ourselves. This impacts how we view ourselves, what we're capable of, which influences our relationships with others and our environment.

Minimum Effective Dose (MED) is what GRIT is based on. 

Short, high-intensity workouts. 

10 to 20 minutes. 

But at the end of that short time period, you will, I promise, feel like you're going to Die. 

Welcome to GRIT.

And because of the Six (6) Foundations, you won't quit. 

Not quitting = Sustained discipline. 

Sustained discipline = transformation of Mind, and Body, carrying over to Business and relationships, as the by products. 

As Dani said above:

"I've learned that the hard stuff never becomes easy, I just get better at doing the hard stuff."
Minnesota StoryAthlete, Jesse Grumdahl, put it: 

"As we get close to completing GRIT November ’19, I am grateful for Ryan Fletcher for creating a community and being a crazy Pace Car. I am grateful to CJ Thomas for creating these workouts with his great energy and humor in his videos, and answering my questions along the way. I am also grateful for all the other members for pushing and being Pace Cars to keep up with. 

I would not have done this alone."


None of us could have done this alone. We all would have quit. Because most are good at quitting on themselves. 

But you never quit on your team. Not StoryAthletes!


Next Round of Guaranteed Transformation -(GRIT:April) Starts April 3rd, And Runs Until We Start Again In GRIT:April!

GRIT is a GAME that guarantees Transformation

There are TEAMS. 

There are POINTS.

There are GRIT and Team MVPs.

StoryAthlete, "Defined by the Story we Tell Our Self," is a TRIBE unlike any other. 

We genuinely LOVE one another. 

For WHO they are. 

And for whom, they are FIGHTING to Become!

I Told You The Story.

I Showed You The Proof.

I Explained The 6 Foundations.

You'll Be On Team

'The StoryAthlete Way'

Being vs. Becoming

Lesser Self vs. Heroic Self

Success Rate of 93%+

Lose Weight, Lose Inches

Gain Muscle

Gain Endurance

Reclaim Your Health

Inspire Your Kids

Inspire Your Spouse

Inspire Your Friends

Stop Neglecting Your Needs

No More Fads

No More Shiny Objects

No More Starting & Stopping

No More Excuses

Transformation Guaranteed

Defeat the Lesser Self

Destroy The Inner-Critic

Stop Living In Fear

Stop Questioning Yourself

Stop Doubting Yourself

Stop Being Crippled By Stress

Stop Being Tired & Exhausted

Get Back Your Energy

Stop Waiting

Stop Procrastinating

"Next Week" Never Comes

You're Not Too Busy

Stop Lying To Yourself

New Year's Is Not The Answer

Don't Start After The Holidays

Choose To Start Today

Fight To Become Your Potential

Mind, Body, Business, Relationships

Follow A Proven Path

Everything You Need

Nothing You Don't

Fully Team Supported

Compete Together 

Suffer Together 

Struggle Together

Inspire Each Other

Transform & Win Together

You Will Quit On You

You Won't Quit On Your Team


Through multiple tests, and a through sustained 93%+ finisher success rate. If you accept this invite to join StoryAthleteGRIT and complete the first month's GRIT regimen, successfully, and if, by some act of God, honestly do not feel a deep, clear sense of transformation of self; Mind, Body, Business or Relationships, then let StoryAthlete know. Your money will be 100% refunded. The Six (6) Foundations make Transformation absolutely guaranteed. You just have to show up and not let your teammates down.

Deadline To Join? March 31st @ 11pm PST
Start Date? April 3rd

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Deadline To Join? March 31st

Start Date? April 3rd


All different skills & abilities
All different shapes & sizes
All different races & ages
All different professions & incomes
All different goals & objectives
Same Mission - "Become..."
StoryAthlete is a Community, a Tribe, a Business model, unlike any other. It isn't aimed at selling you products or services, it is designed to create Transformation and to secure you as a Partner, at whatever level feels right to you. 
  • The Drum BEATS Inside of All of Us - (Only 5% Hear It)
  • The StoryAthlete WAY
  • Defined By The Story We Tell Our Self
  • ​Lesser Self vs. Heroic Self
  • ​Being vs. Becoming 
  • ​The Challenge-Based Life
  • ​The 1% Journey
  • ​The Game of IODs
  • ​Transformation Across 4-Dimensions
  • ​Fully Heroic Self
  • ​Default Yes vs. Default No
  • ​Sustained (1%) Compounded Growth
  • ​Harder To Kill - Mentally, Physically, Financially
BEING vs. BECOMING: "Defined By The Story We Tell Our Self."
A drum BEATS inside of all of us. Some hear it. And answer that call. Some don't. StoryAthlete is for the 5% of the population who feels called to "Become..." something more. Of the people reading this, 95% are dominated by their Lesser Self. Likely, over-weight and out-of-shape. Likely, underachieving as a provider. Likely, scared of, or unwilling to commit to change because it's hard. StoryAthletes, though, are different. We decided we are done living a life that is beneath us. We want to change. We know it is hard. We know it takes Grit. Sacrifice. And discipline. We know results are slow to come. Through living a Challenge-Based Life, though, in accord to the 51-Word Code, StoryAthletes choose to change their behaviors, through changing their beliefs, by changing the story we tell our self. Lesser Self vs. Heroic Self. The only person stopping you is you. When you change the story, you change the beliefs, and thus, you change the outcome. Being vs. Becoming. StoryAthlete is a TRIBE of people committed to “Becoming…” their best self. Where each day, with every struggle, we become harder to kill; mentally, physically, financially
GET PAID TO BECOME YOUR BEST SELF: For those interested in creating a Perfect 2nd Income, StoryAthleteGRIT members have realized they can leverage their Transformation to inspire others. Upon completing your first GRIT regimen, to experience the documented transformation yourself, members can request FREE access to that training. 



With StoryAthleteGRIT registration, you will get everything you need. And nothing you don't. You heard the Story. You have seen the proof. Your transformation is guaranteed. You just have to show up! No excuses. 



Once you ARE registered, Ashley in my office will reach and to get you Entrance into the StoryAthleteGRIT. You will be assigned to a team. Like you, your teammates are committed. Together, you suffer, struggle, and win.



The Six (6) Foundations are what guarantee the ridiculously high (93%+) Transformation Rate (TR) that StoryAthleteGRIT members are experiencing. You just have to show up. Results, then, just happen.  

Deadline To Join? March 31st @ 11pm PST
Start Date? April 3rd

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


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